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Taking a Look at Birkenstocks

There is little doubt when one makes the decision to purchase Birkenstock clogs which are famous all over the world that their feet will be appreciative of the gesture. This totally family operated and owned German company has a vast amount of successful experience in the manufacture of shoes and clogs. The hidden secrets of their ongoing success has been passed from one generation to the next for over 230 years now.

The wonderful Birkenstock tradition was begun all the way back in 1774 when the very first shoe was crafted by Johann Birkenstock. 

Birkenstock Florida BlueYears later, one of the grandsons, Konrad Birkenstock, took that original shoe and did some modifications on it. He then designed the very first contoured inner sole shoe for which the company is now famous for around the entire world. What this feature does so well is to allow the unique shoe to mold closely and well with the foot. This being accomplished provides the premier level of comfort that can be possible, as well as exceptional support at all times.


It is strange to think of sometimes how these items are used by people around the world. In many areas they are used by people as their choice of work shoes, while at home in Germany, many choose to wear them as slippers. The Birkenstocks have long been touted as a popular choice by those who work on their feet for extended periods of time such as chefs, nurses and doctors. These folks attest to the fact that aching and tired legs truly get the relief they are seeking when wearing them. In recent years especially, the endorsement of highly known people such as Heide Klum has brought the tradition of Birkenstock to the circle of high fashion where it has been totally accepted. Ms. Klum is now actually working with Birkenstock as a designer of footwear. 

There has been one guiding philosophy for the making of shoes that the Birkenstock family has always and continues to adhere to at all times. That philosophy is to always use the resources provided by nature for the promotion and the preservation of the foot’s natural role. Besides staying with a naturalist philosophy, the Birkenstock family is totally committed to the protection of the environment. This company which was among the first to implement the use of adhesion techniques which are water soluble and solvent-free, also proudly notes that over 95% of adhesives that are implemented in the production process are eco-friendly.

The company has also made the decision to invest a great deal of their resources and time into making efforts to have their machinery consume less power and produce less heat as they continue their maximum efforts to go “green”. They have also instituted a special repair service for the shoes of their customers. This decision was made in an all out effort on their part to reduce the waste that is produced every year by society.


The company is always looking to offer the latest trendy fashions, but not at the expense ever of maintaining the comfort ability level. One particular favorite of the men is the Birkenstock clog known as the Boston available in either suede or leather uppers.

Due to customer demand, some clogs manufactured with plastic uppers are available. Both the Garden clog and the Chef clog are easy to maintain and clean, and are both water and oil resistant.

Birkenstock is anxious always for any input their customers offer, but they have always made the commitment never to compromise on the integrity and the quality of their footwear under any circumstances.

How Birkenstocks Alleviate Pain

Nearly everyone has had some sort of leg pain in their lifetime. It may have been in the foot or the knee, or maybe even in the back. Pain in any of these places, though, can sometimes be traced back to the same mitigating factor: shoes. That’s right, shoes. The shoes you wear have an enormous affect on your body’s posture, muscle distribution, and general foot health. Unlike most shoes, Birkenstocks can help treat the problems once they’ve occurred, but can help prevent them, as well.


When shoes cause knee pain and foot pain, overcompensation can then easily lead to back pain. How does this happen, though? Birkenstock Arizona SandalTake for example a pair of shoes with flat soles or without arch support. Over a period of time, the lack of arch support can cause the ligament in the foot to stretch. The stretching of this ligament is called plantar fasciitis. This can cause any number of symptoms including heel pain, sharp shooting pains in the arch and foot, and can lead to other issues such as heel spurs. The same can be said for high heeled shoes, as well. High heels cause weight to be distributed differently, so certain leg muscles feel more pressure, while other muscles are tighter. This, again, causes knee pain, which in turn causes back pain. However you try to offset the pain, the back tries harder to keep balanced and usually ends up worse.


Birkenstock has footwear to counteract the problems created by other shoes. These shoes are designed to work with and strengthen the foot for comfort and healthy feet. To start with, Birkenstocks are shaped like a real foot. There are no pointed toes or high heels. There is enough room for the toes to fit comfortably and have room to move, plus a “toe bar” for natural gripping. The heel cup sits in a neutral position, which distributes weight evenly, unlike heels that force extra weight on the ball of the foot. The foot-bed is contoured to match a foot, with proper arch support, as well.


These properties, combined with a cork foot-bed allow flexibility that matches how a foot actually moves. The shoes mimic a bare foot, thereby encouraging natural movement. This promotes strengthening and circulation throughout the whole leg and foot. The contoured cork also conforms to your individual foot the more you wear the shoes. TBirkenstock Boston cloghey absorb the shock of each footfall and protect and support the muscles with each step.
Best known for their sandals, Birkenstocks also come in a variety of clogs, boots, and shoes for all occasions. Birkenstock can even custom build shoes for people with specific medical conditions, focusing on what those individual feet need the most.



Pain can strike anyone at any time, especially if you’re on your feet all day, and especially if you wear shoes that push you off balance. The wrong shoe can be completely detrimental, while the right one can save your whole body from pain. With their comfort design, Birkenstocks promote healthy feet and posture and reduce the strain of foot pain to help in healing.


The Risks of Wearing Ill-Fitting Shoes and Some Alternatives

Foot problems, and resulting foot pain, is a common occurrence. Approximately 75% of Americans suffer with chronic foot pain. The discomfort could be rooted in problems that have become actual medical conditions, like bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, or hammer toes. Many of these conditions can be brought on through the wearing of poorly fitting shoes. There are alternative footwear choices available that prevent foot pain and misery. Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, and Dansko shoes are designed with an understanding of the anatomy of the foot, the specific areas that need support, stability, and freedom, and the risks of ignoring these needs.


bunionsThe foot has 26 bones with 33 joints and well over 120 muscles, nerves, and ligaments, including eight major muscles. It is a relatively small appendage that is responsible for carrying the entire body around all day. It is no wonder that so many develop problems with their feet.


A bunion is an abnormality in which the big toe points towards the other toes, usually accompanied by pain and swelling. Ill fitting footwear can cause bunions. Solutions include pads, medicine for the pain, and orthotics (specialized shoe inserts), and proper footwear. Treatment for more extreme cases involves surgery to realign the bones. Excess bone may be removed and sometimes changes are made in the surrounding tissue. Recovery can take up to three months, but it may take as many as six months before the patient can return to wearing regular shoes.


Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that can also be rooted in ill fitting shoes. The plantar fascia is a stretch of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot, connecting the heel to the toes. One of its functions is to absorb the shock to the foot when walking. If an individual wears shoes with very thin soles, this tissue has to deal the impact.
Women are more prone to this condition because of their predilection for high heels. High heels can actually shorten the Achilles tendon, which in turn, can put additional stress and tension on the plantar fascia. Treatments for this condition include a boot or splint to wear while sleeping to stretch the tissue, physical therapy, or orthotics. Only under dire circumstances will surgery to detach the plantar fascia be performed.


Birkenstock GizehHammer toes are often seen in individuals who wear very high heels or shoes with pointed toes that crowd the feet. Shoes like that cause an unnatural flexing of the toes that can become permanent as the tendons contract and make the toe curl unnaturally, so they are bent and look something like a hammer. This usually occurs in the toes right next to the big toe and can cause difficulties. Movement of the stiff toe(s) can cause pain and the raised joint(s) can rub against the inside of shoes. Recommended remedies involve finding shoes with plenty of room for the toes, and doing exercises that strengthen the toe muscles. Only in severe cases is surgery to relieve the tendon and remove jutting bone an option.


Metatarsalgia can be brought about by hammer toes, bunions, or by wearing very high heeled shoes. It is a painful inflammation of a nerve between the foot bones. It can be treated by icing, orthotics, or with a pressure bandage. Only in extreme circumstances is surgery to realign the bones considered.


With the dictates of fashion and the increased shopping options brought about by the internet, it is no wonder that people are not making the most prudent choices for their footwear. There are, however, choices available that can relieve foot discomfort, but even more importantly, prevent foot problems from developing.


Birkenstocks are known for creating the first contoured insole for custom shoes in the late 1800s. Finn-Comfort-AlexandriaIn the 1960s these inserts actually became Birkenstock sandals. That they have remained popular since then is no surprise. They are constructed of top quality materials, with cork and latex footbeds that distribute the weight. They provide arch support, stability for the heel with a deep cup, and a toe bar in the front of the sole to stimulate circulation. These orthopedically correct shoes also have ample space for toes to prevent crowding. 


Finn Comfort shoes have been providing handmade shoes that provide support, as well as comfort, since 1945. They are a custom fitted shoe, and only a well-trained salesperson can ensure a good fit by carefully measuring the feet. Based on current medical research, the shoes are designed to eDansko Darbymulate a natural rolling walk. With a natural cork footbed, many feel that the Finn Comfort walking shoe is without peer.


Dansko shoes began when a husband and wife traveled to Europe and discovered some amazing barn shoes. They began bringing them back to the United States to share and sell, and realized they had something worthwhile to offer.


Now a popular shoe, Dansko offers plenty of support for the arch and the rest of the foot, as well as padding to absorb every day wear and tear. Features vary with style, but the popular clog features a bottom that rocks when walking to encourage natural movement.

A person who is experiencing foot problems deals with misery every day. Furthermore, painful foot conditions can cause an unnatural walk that can lead to other issues, like knee, hip, or even back problems. Finding a shoe to keep feet healthy through everyday activities is essential.